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Magnus Lundgren

Expedition Leader

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Who is  Magnus?

Founder and owner of Exposure Expeditions. Magnus is a professional photographer and journalist specializing in marine and freshwater environments, making the whole world his office. He is a sought after speaker with aquatic conservation, nature photography and marine adventures as his favourite subjects to present. Magnus is the driving force behind one of the world's largest communication projects regarding nature and environmental conservation known as -  Wild Wonders of Europe  - which has reached more than 800 million people. Together with Staffan Widstrand, he is now starting up Wild Wonders of China, something that can be even larger than WWE. Magnus has also founded the charity Wild Wonders Foundation.

Experience & qualifications

Magnus' photos have been published in books, magazines and in digital media around the world and his articles have even made it to a two page spread in National Geographic Magazine. His latest book "Wild Waters of Europe" was published by National Geographic Verlag in Germany. Magnus has planned and led expeditions for more than 20 years, his adventures taking him to the pack ice in the Arctic, to stunning archipelagos along the equator, along rugged coastlines, and out amongst the grand pelagics in all corners of the worlds oceans. His vast experience of planning and executing his own private photo expeditions, along with expeditions guiding photo enthusiasts to the world's outback, has given him great skills in planing and delivering successful expeditions. Magnus is a proud member of the exclusive Naturfotograferna/N.

Awards & acknowledgments

Magnus' list of international awards is long, stretching over several decennium.  He is most proud of his awards from the competition Wildlife Photographer of the Year that he received in London and from the European Wild Photographer of the Year in Lünen. In 2011 Magnus was awarded the prestiges title "European Wildlife Photograper of the year" in the underwater class. In the largest, worldwide competition in underwater photography Magnus is currently ranked number three. In 2014 Magnus won the Arne Schmitz Conservation Prize because “The award winner is an outstanding multi award-winning photographer with the world’s oceans as his working field. Magnus receives the prize because his images and texts create great understanding and interest in the ocean and its organisms – small and large – and therefore, in the same spirit as Arne Schmitz, he promotes conservation of marine diversity and sustainable marine environments.”

More about Magnus

Magnus is involved in several companies, projects, foundations and charitable organizations. 

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