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Henrik Almers

CEO, Founder & Owner

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Who is Henrik?

Henrik was born and brought up in Småland, Sweden and has always had a huge interest in the sea. He learned to scuba dive in 1986 and went on to study marine biology in university. In 1996, he opened up his first dive school, and throughout his career he has owned and operated several dive schools, plus a dive equipment distribution company.

Genuine travel interest

Henrik has travelled around the world more than once, having visited around 70 countries. He has been diving and/or working in places such as Sudan, Zanzibar, Australia, Pemba, South Africa, Thailand, Tobago, the Maldives, Curacao, Northern Sulawesi, the Azores, Mexico, Bonaire, Malta, Bali, Croatia, Canada, USA, Mozambique Cyprus, Portugal and Egypt. 


An entrepreneur by birth, Henrik has started and managed several different companies. Besides being the managing director (CEO) for Exposure Expeditions, Henrik also manages Scuba Travel Scandinavia, a dive travel tour operator, and is responsible for product development in a third company that is fully focused on training travel called Invictus Travel & Training AB. All three companies are part of the Almers Travel Group which is owned by Henrik and Heather Almers.

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