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Heather Almers

Expedition Coordinator, Founder & Owner

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Who is Heather?

Heather was born and brought up in a rural area south of Ottawa, Canada. The youngest of three, she grew up in a large, close-knit, family, and only took her first leap into the world by moving to the city to go to university. After university in 1999 a backpacking trip was in order, and first up was a six-month stop in Sweden as an au pair. Deciding to learn to scuba dive in Sweden prior to going to Asia, she wound up marrying the dive shop owner two years later.

Experienced & well-travelled

A PADI instructor, she has travelled and dived a large part of the world since learning to dive. She has also worked as a travel leader for the dive shop, guiding customers on dive trips to destinations such as Curacao, Bonaire, Malta, Egypt and the Philippines. In 2002, Heather started working for a Norwegian travel company with bookings, as well as guiding groups to various destinations around the world. It was in 2004 that she, together with her husband, started Scuba Travel, a dive travel niche tour operator business.

Together with her husband and two children, she has been travelling extensively for many years, having now been in over 30 countries around the world. Travelling around the world with children has given her new experiences in terms of active holidays. Bali, North Sulawesi, Tobago, Sardinia, Malta, Newfoundland, the Maldives, Egypt, the USA, South Africa, Spain and Croatia are just a few of the places she's been with her family and has a lot of suggestions for parents looking for holidays that go beyond sitting on the beach for a week.

With years of experience in the travel and service industry, Heather will be actively involved with Exposure Expeditions.

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