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Alaska Sharks

Alaska Sharks

19 - 28 July 2018

About the Expedition Alaska Sharks

Snorkelling and diving - During five days we will go looking for salmon sharks every morning and snorkel with them whenever we have the opportunity to do so. This is followed by one to two dives per day. 

Close encounters - During our intense stay at the Ravencroft Lodge we will search for the shy and intelligent salmon shark in the beautiful surroundings of the Prince William Sound. With 10 years of experience, Boon Hodgin and his crew are experts on these fascinating shark encounters. You will need patience when searching for these magnificent animals, sometimes a large part of the day is spent finding just the right shark to interact with. 

The expedition - Every morning we will search for world class experiences with the Salmon Sharks, and interaction with the sharks has top priority. If we are having a great day with the sharks we might stay with them a bit longer than planned, and will then skip one dive of the day. If not, we plan to do two dives a day after the morning shark snorkeling, and explore the unique under water environment of the Prince William Sound. There is also the possibility of doing an extra dive near the Ravencroft Lodge in the afternoon, where you can focus on macro photography.  

Photography at the surface - After dinner we will take a boat ride and enjoy the wilderness. Make sure to bring your camera as we will have a good chance of photographing wild animals such as bears, otters and many others in the golden evening light.

Safety first - The snorkeling is cage free during this tour, so please be aware that you are swimming freely with these large animals.  With that being said, over the years, there has never been any accidents. This is largely thanks to the fact that the operator respects that you are in the sharks environment and practice safety in every detail possible. Your shark wrangler Boone, is trained as a rescue diver.  Both managers, Gina and Boone, are CPR, First Aid trained, and Ravencroft Lodge has an extensive medical kit that includes oxygen and a AED/defibrillator.

Questions about the expedition? Your expedition leader Magnus Lundgren will brief you during the course of the trip, and give feedback on your pictures if you wish. If you have questions about the expedition please contact us at












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About Alaska - USA - Pacific Ocean

Alaska is an American state, situated in the north eastern part of the North American continent. To the east you find Canada, to the north the Arctic Ocean, and to the west and south the Pacific Ocean. Alaska has a nearly 54 700 kilometer long coastline with its many islands. From the southern tip of the Alaska peninsula there is a chain of islands leading west. This group of islands is called the Aleutian Islands, and contains many active volcanos. The island chain reaches all the way to Mount Spurr, which is situated west of Anchorage on the main land.

During your visit to Alaska, you will be amazed by the beauty of your surroundings. Here you will experience true wilderness, so make sure to have your camera ready. 

Alaska Sharks - Expedition day by day

Thursday July 19

We leave Scandinavia and fly to Anchorage where we spend our first night at a hotel. This stop is to make sure we do not miss our next flight to Valdez due to delayed flights/baggage.

Friday July 20  

Flight to Valdez from Anchorage, then one more night at a hotel. In Valdez we have the opportunity to visit the Solomon Gulch Hatchery where you can see bears, sea lions and eagles feasting on salmon.

Saturday July 21 

Departure in the morning from Valdez to Ravencroft Lodge. We get ourselves installed and Magnus gives a presentation.

Sunday July 22 - Thursday July 26  

During these five days we go looking for salmon sharks every morning and snorkel with them whenever we have the opportunity to do so. This is followed by one to two dives per day. The plan is to do two dives but this cannot be guaranteed, it all depends on how much time we spend snorkeling with the sharks and what the weather is like. During this type of trip, shark snorkeling is prioritized. Around 14:00, it is time to head back to the lodge. The afternoon is free from scheduled activities, allowing you to decide how to spend your time. After dinner a photography excursion is offered, where we can photograph the flora and fauna, including eagles, whales, otters and bears among others.

Friday July 27 

Departure from Ravencroft Lodge and transfer to Valdez at 09:00, then flight to Anchorage where we spend a night at a hotel and relax after the excitement of the week. Should you like to extend your trip, Valdez is a great place to do so as there is much to see and experience here.  

Saturday July 28

We check out from the hotel in Anchorage and fly back to Scandinavia. We land back home the next day.

Please note!  

The itinerary is only a preliminary plan. Activities can change, or may need to be exchanged, in the case of adverse weather conditions or other unexpected incidents. 

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