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Dive equipment for your trip

Good advice about dive equipment and what not forget to take on your trip.

Dive equipment - to pack or not to pack? Our customers normally take their own equipment with them, but it can vary from a dive computer to full equipment. 

We recommend our customers to pack a dive computer, SMB (surface marker buoy), BCD, regulator, suit, boots, fins, mask, snorkel, dive certificate and logbook. It is a very good idea to be familiar with, and have tested your equipment such as your dive computer, regulator and BCD in plenty of time prior to your trip, while other items are more important to take a good look at the condition of the item.

Rent equipment while at the resort or on a liveaboard boat?

If you plan to rent equipment while away then we recommend that you contact us so we can help you arrange this. On the liveaboard there is extra equipment in case of accidental damage, but all sizes are not available. We are also able to assist you with booking other activities such as advanced and technical diving courses, booking of double cylinders, RB and deco cylinders.

Extra baggage

At the same time that the airlines are becoming more strict with the amount of kilos that you are able to check-in, the price for an extra bag has gotten slightly cheaper with quite a few flight companies. We are happy to help you to arrange this in good time before the trip. 


This packing list is only for diving equipment for your trip. More information about packing for underwater photography, photography, and snorkel equipment can be found under info in the top menu.

Download Dive equipment checklist PDF


  • Logbook & dive certificate - don't forget your nitrox certificate
  • Dive computer/s - check the battery level
  • Suit - suitable for the destinations water temperature
  • Hood & gloves - Note: some diving destinations do not allow gloves
  • Regulator, BC & weight pockets - DIN or yoke valves on the boat?
  • Fins & boots
  • Mask & snorkel
  • Safety equipment - SMB with a reel, whistle, mirror
  • Printed copy of dive insurance


  • Health items - nose spray, decongestant tablets, rubbing alcohol...
  • Sun protection - hat, sunscreen, sun glasses, rash guard
  • Toolkit - tie wraps, extra mouthpiece, electrical or duct tape, high pressure seat
  • Weight belt with a good buckle
  • Yoke adaptor - just in case DIN cylinders are not available
  • Extra mask - good to have in a pocket while diving
  • Warm hat/head protection - protect your ears from the wind


  • Print out an extra copy of your insurance details and leave it with the dive guide on the boat or at the dive centre.
  • Extra dive computer - if you have a spare one then bring it. Backups have saved many dive trips.
  • Keep warm - be sure to take an extra layer of protection for in the water.
  • Full suits - offer the best protection again the sun, the cold, stingers, jellyfish and cuts.
  • If you haven't dived in the past year before your trips departure, do a refresher dive with a local dive school.

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