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Snorkel equipment for your trip

Good advice about snorkelling and what not to forget to take on your trip

Our customers often take their own snorkel equipment with them

When you pack your own dive mask, snorkel, suit and fins, you know that everything fits and you know how it all works. We recommend that you always test your equipment and take time to practice a few times before your trips departure. This is especially important for trips that involve  a lot of snorkelling and for those of you that are not experienced snorkelers. A few practice sessions in the sea or in a local swimming pool will do wonders for your confidence and skills, therefore enhancing your experience while on holiday. 

Tip: A full foot fin is more comfortable to snorkel in and if the water is cold, you can buy thermal protection socks to have on.

Rent equipment at the resort or on the boat

If you plan to rent equipment, we recommend that you do so in advance. This is especially important if you are going to be on a liveaboard boat, as equipment will need to be brought to the boat. We are more than happy to assist you with booking necessary equipment. 


This packing list is only for snorkel equipment for your trip. More information about packing for underwater photography, photography, and dive equipment can be found under info in the top menu.

Download Snorkel Equipment Checklist PDF


  • Mask - good fit
  • Snorkel - with attachment
  • Suit - suitable for the local water temperature
  • Fins - full foot fins are the most comfortable
  • Socks & boots - for extra protection against cold water


  • Sun protection - hat, sunscreen, sun glasses
  • Rash guard - a thin shirt to protect you from the sun
  • Health items - nose spray, decongestant tablets, rubbing alcohol
  • Extra mask - great to have just in case


  • Practice - be sure to get into the water with your mask and snorkel before your departure.
  • Weight belt - be careful wearing a belt with weights for free diving. Add a few weights at a time.
  • Avoid dehydration - drink each time you take a pause.

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