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Underwater photography equipment for your trip

Good advice and practical tips about your equipment and what not to forget.

The underwater photo equipment that you pack is what you have to use on your trip - for better or worse. 

Our expeditions generally have a clear focus. We will either focus on grand underwater environments like Silfra in Iceland or on the large creatures under the surface, like the humpbacks at Silverbanks. In these instances, and ones similar to these, you will be best suited with a good wide angle solution for your underwater camera. On the other hand, should you be offered to do some world-class diving in the unique Lembeh Straights in Indonesia, you will want to have a macro lens for those close-up shots.

No matter where your holiday takes you, it is always a good idea to have underwater equipment for both wide angle and close-up shots with you. 

What is necessary to take with you comes down to a negotiation with yourself.

At the same time that the airlines are becoming more strict with the amount of kilos that you are able to check-in, the price for an extra bag has gotten slightly cheaper with quite a few flight companies. You can pack certain things in a hard and shock-resistant bag/box that can be placed within your checked-in baggage, or as a separate piece of baggage, but the majority of your camera will need to go in your hand baggage in order to avoid the worst of the impacts and low temperatures. Below you will find a helpful list of underwater photography items that we think that you should think about before departing on your Exposure Expedition trip.

Think about what you want to photograph and test your equipment in advance!

Take some time and think about the type of photography that you would like to do while on your holiday so that you can choose the right equipment. Even more important is that you have tested the equipment ahead of time so that you know that it works. Don't forget to bring your camera manual in order to solve problems while away, something that can most likely be downloaded onto a laptop, iPad or telephone.


This packing list is only for UW-photography equipment for your trip. More information about packing for photography, diving, and snorkel equipment can be found under info in the top menu.

Download Underwater Photography Checklist PDF


  • Underwater housing
  • Wide angle - dome port or external wet wide angle lens
  • Macro - flat port, external wet macro lens, holder
  • Extension rings
  • UW strobes & diffusers
  • Strobe cable/s
  • Batteries & chargers
  • Arm system - including arms, arm joints & bottom plate
  • Focus ligh with holder, battery & charger
  • Spare o-rings


  • Extra cables - optic fiber cables or traditional
  • Extra maintenance equipment - silicon lubrication, polishing rags, bellows...
  • Small toolkit - o-ring remover, small allen keys & screwdrivers...
  • UW-filters - red, orange or magenta for filming and photography
  • TTL converters - for easy and accurate flash photography
  • Exchangeable viewfinder - 45 degree or straight
  • Water-tight & durable bag or box


  • Flying with underwater equipment - don't forget to unseal your equipment before the flight. The easiest way is to remove the o-ring so no negative pressure is created.
  • Polishing kit - with Ikelites or Micro Mesh's polishing set, you can repair scratches on your acrylic dome ports.
  • Extra optical flash cables - optical cables solve problems when there are loose cables, wet contacts and other issues.
  • Fast chargers - beware of the super fast battery chargers as they can ruin your batteries.
  • Special batteries - for TTL converter, leak alarms and other special items.

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